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2023 – What are your home improvement plans?

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

What are your home improvement plans?

2023 is here and we have already made through January! Although the first few months of the year may be seen as the worst, this is the perfect time to start planning for any home improvements you are wishing to complete this year. Allowing you to enjoy them just in time for the more favourable summer months.

Whether you are looking to extend your home to create a more open plan living space, add an extra bedroom for your growing family or your work habits have changed and your home is now your office and you need the extra space. We provide a full design service; all our services are in house and under one roof. Whether you are looking to do an extension, loft conversion, garage conversion or an annexe we are here to help. Follow the link below to learn more about our Full Design Service.

It is understandable that with the uncertainty of the housing market and the cost of building not everyone is wishing to take on any large home improvements at the moment. If you aren’t wishing to complete any major building works involved in extending your home, there are plenty of ways in which you can make smaller improvements that will have a large impact on the space you already have.

An effective way to make more use of the space you already have is to remove internal walls or re work the layout you already have. It may be that you have plenty of space but the current layout isn’t working for you and your families needs. It may be you can remove the wall between the kitchen and the dining room which creates a larger more open plan family space. Alternatively, if you are wishing to find a way to make your home brighter or you want to open your home up into the garden the installation of Bi-Fold Doors is a great way to make a room feel brighter and more connected to the garden space.

Kitchen redesign

Whatever home improvements you are wishing to complete this year, large or small we are on hand to guide you through the process and prepare all the necessary plans and calculations you need to create the home you want.

Why not contact us today, to see how we can assist with improving your home this year!

Give us a call today to discuss your enquiry with our friendly team or alternatively get in touch via email.

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