Architectural Design

Our architectural design services

We apply our broad experience in architectural design, drawing and planning, to residential properties of any type, style or complexity across Cambridge, Colchester, Essex and the South East. Whether you wish to build a new home or extend your existing property, we can help to ensure the work is done efficiently, quickly, and within budget. Our architectural design services in our Colchester and Cambridge offices include; design advice; CAD drawings; 2D and 3D visualisations; garage conversions; loft refurbishments; home extensions; alterations to existing structures; historic and listed buildings; structural design; specifications/bills of quantities; contract administration and supervision. 

The design brief and sketch scheme

When you first contact our team, we will ask you to provide us with your design brief indicating what you would like to achieve and your budget. We will be happy to assist, and will start with creating a thorough study of your project's needs. A key event in our design process is to obtain your approval of a sketch scheme which consists of a set of easily-understandable sketch drawings; an explanation of the drawings and their relationship to 'the design brief'; a description of materials and methods of construction; a description of services; details of site work; a required note of the consent; and an approximate estimate of cost including professional fees. 
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Cost Planning and Control


We recognise that the financial aspects of building and cost control must be regarded as fundamental parts of the architectural design process. As the drawings are developed and decisions are made, we will keep you constantly advised of the implications of any amendments on the cost of the project as a whole. 



A building consists of many elements; the structural frame; the walls; the partitions; the roof; the heating; lighting; plumbing, and so on. The sequence in which drawings are prepared, and their accuracy, is of crucial importance to the success of any project. 

Planning & Building Regulation Application

In most circumstances, an application for planning permission must be made to the local authority prior to work starting. Our team have a comprehensive understanding of the Planning Application and Building Regulation approval processes for City Councils in Cambridge, Colchester and across Southern England relieves you from the burden of dealing with these. 

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Specifications/Bill of Quantities


Good drawings can convey majority of the information about a proposed construction or renovation project to the builder. However, detailed information the builder needs must be described in writing with a specification document or Bills of Quantities. Such documentation provides a speedy and efficient method of conveying your wishes to the builder and serves as an invaluable way of ensuring that all builders tender on a like for like basis. 

Tenders and Contract


The number of firms invited to tender will depend upon the size and type of contract. We can assist you by drawing up a list and once tenders have been received and a successful contractor selected, the contract will be drawn up and signed. We will advise you on the most appropriate form of a building contract, taking into account the exact nature of the project. 

Contract Administration


When the value of the contract is more than a few thousand pounds, it is normal practice for contractors to be paid sums on an account, as the construction work proceeds. Our consultants, acting as your own quality controllers under the contract, will carry out valuations in accordance with the provisions of the contract and certify any sum due. Our regular site supervision will provide accurate workmanship and materials monitoring, ensuring a structurally accurate building which will be both aesthetically pleasing and in accordance with your wishes. 

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