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Architect leaning over and working on drawings with a pencil in hand and a calculator next to him

Architectural Design

Our Architectural Design Services

At EAP we have everything under ONE ROOF to prepare everything you need to create the home of your dreams. We apply our broad experience in architectural design, drawing and planning, to residential properties of any type, style or complexity across Cambridge, Colchester, Essex and the South East. Whether you wish to build a new home or extend your existing property, we can help to ensure the work is done efficiently, quickly, and within budget. Our architectural design services in our Colchester and Cambridge offices include; design advice; CAD drawings; 2D and 3D visualisations; garage conversions; loft refurbishments; home extensions; alterations to existing structures; historic and listed buildings; structural design; specifications/bills of quantities; contract administration and supervision. 


EAP Design Process 

Dimensional Survey & Design Brief 

Almost all projects require a dimensional survey. Whether this be a full or part survey we will need to attend the property to obtain dimensions, floor joist directions and ceiling heights to prepare an existing plan indicating room names and sizes, door and window positions and elevations of the existing property. 

When you first contact our team, we will ask you to provide us with your design brief indicating what you would like to achieve and your budget. When on site the design team will discuss your proposals in more detail and finalise your ideas. 

A couple standing in an empty field looking at a drawing of an imagined house

Planning Application 

In most circumstances, an application for planning permission must be made to the Local Authority prior to work starting. Our team have a comprehensive understanding of the Planning Application  approval processes for City Councils in Cambridge, Colchester and across Southern England . As part of our service, we prepare and submit the Application on your behalf and act as the Agent for the duration of the project. 

Once the concept design has been agreed the drawings will be developed to the Planning Application Stage and submitted on your behalf. This includes detailing  the existing and proposed
, materials to be used and site and location plans. 

An 'approved' stamp across an architectural drawing
Half the picture is of a hand designing a building and the other half is of windows and doors merged into the drawing
Concept Design 

Once the existing plans are prepared, and the proposals have been discussed and finalised, this is when your ideas are put to paper. 

A key event in our design process is to obtain your approval of a sketch concept scheme which consists of a set of easily-understandable drawings which will show the proposed floor plan layouts and elevations in accordance with your design brief. We will help guide the process by developing your ideas and suggesting any alternatives. 

Once prepared the concept is sent for your review and this is your opportunity to make any changes or add anything additional you may have missed. 
 Building Control Drawings 

Once planning permission has been granted, we can prepare the Building Regulation drawings. Our team have a comprehensive understanding of the most current UK Building Regulations.

The drawings are a set of technical drawings indicating construction details for every aspect of the project such as thermal insulation, roof construction details, foundation types and wall construction. 

These are the drawings that will have to be submitted for Building Control approva
l. We advise full approval is granted before any works commence. These are also the drawings your builders will be able to work from. 
Example drawings for Building Control approval
Structural Calculations 

Once the Building Regulation drawings are started, the structural calculations required can be prepared by our in house Structural Engineers.

These include all necessary steel beams, timber beams, columns and rafters and any other structural supports required in your design. 

These will be calculated and specified on the final drawings and a calculation documentation pack will be prepared, including all the information Building Control will require and your builders can work from. 

Example of structural calculations
Specification, Tender & Contract Administration 

Good drawings can convey majority of the information about a proposed construction.  However, in some cases information the builder needs must be described in writing with a specification document or Bills of Quantities. 

The number of firms invited to tender will depend upon the size and type of contract. We can assist you by drawing up a list and once tenders have been received and a successful contractor selected, the contract will be drawn up and signed. Our consultants, acting as your own quality controllers under the contract, will carry out valuations in accordance with the provisions of the contract and certify any sum due. Our regular site supervision will provide accurate workmanship and materials monitoring, ensuring a structurally accurate building.
Two construction workers pointing at drawings in front of a building structure

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