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Planning Permission

What is it and do I require it?

Planning Permission refers to the approval needed for construction, extensions, alterations and change of use. In most cases, you will require planning permission. However, there is exception to this general comment. Our experienced team will be pleased to advise you in this respect. 

A building design and supervision service second to none

At EAP Property Services Ltd, we have many years of experience of designing and implementing building schemes of any type or complexity. Whether you're looking to build a new house, residential development, or extend an existing property, EAP can help to ensure that the job is done effectively, quickly, and within a budget. The notes below set out the sequence in which our service is provided in the typical case, and give an indication of what we can do for you.
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Design Brief

When first instructed, a "design brief" is taken indicating, in general terms, what is required. The "design brief" is basically a statement of intentions. It is then our job at EAP, to transfer this general statement into shapes and sizes.
On some occasions assistance will be required in the preparation of the brief, EAP will be pleased to assist having first made a thorough study of what you want to achieve. 
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Sketch Scheme

The first key event in EAP's design process is to obtain approval of a sketch scheme which consists of:
- A set of easily understandable sketch drawings.
- An explanation of the drawings and their relationship to the "design brief".
- A description of materials.
'Approved' stamp across drawings

Planning Application

Various types of applications can be made:
Outline Application
This report is to ascertain whether planning permission will be given for the erection of a building on a site before having detailed drawings prepared.
Full Planning Application
This report is for change of use or to carry out works including the erection of a building with drawings indicating the comprehensive proposal.
The type of application required will vary according to the requirements. EAP are able to offer advice, based on substantial past experience in such matter.

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