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Expert Witness

Our team provides expert assistance

For over 25 years, EAP has been providing an Expert Witness service representing both Defendants and Claimants in the County Court and Court of Technology and Construction.

Solving complex issues

Where complex issues exist, the Principal of EAP, a multi-discipline construction consultant with over 40 years experience, is available to investigate and advise on issues that include matters such as surveyors negligence, construction disputes, boundary disputes, geotechnical matters and insurance claims appertaining to the construction industry.
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A damaged building that has partially fallen down and has fencing surrounding it

Highly Experienced


With extensive experience in the public and private sectors, we can provide testimony in various matters including;

Defective Construction

Structural failure of buildings

Geotechnical Engineering

Failure of Underpinning


Boundary Dispute

Surveyors Negligence.

Professional Services


We can act on  behalf of both the Claimant and Defendant, we can provide preliminary technical advice, report preparation conference with Counsel, provision of expert opinion, inspecting and testing, attendance at trial and advice at Alternative Dispute Resolution Meetings.

What we do


Upon instruction, we prepare a technical report, together with a photographic record of the areas of defect. If appropriate, a specification of remedial work is prepared and tenders obtained. Throughout, we advise and assist to completion. Our objective is to ensure a satisfactory settlement and that all remedial work is accomplished. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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