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Man looking through a topographical survey camera

Land Surveys

What is a Topographical Survey (Land Survey)?

Topographical surveys record the contours of the ground together with existing features. A typical survey will record the footprint of existing details, tree locations, street furniture and drainage.

What information is included?

The level of detail within your survey can vary depending on what is required, whether it is a simple boundary survey up to a fully detailed Land Survey. An accurate survey is critical in reducing costs and delay through the planning, design and construction process. Typically, a Land Survey will include the existing buildings, structures, tree positions, drainage and so on. 
Two men looking at a Land Survey camera on an empty building site
A close up of a land survey with a digger working in the background
A close up of a land survey camera and measuring pole in an empty field

Land Surveys


Land/Topographical Surveys are high-quality topographical and measured surveys, these are essential to design projects with accuracy and fundamental to outline property boundaries. Our experienced team of surveyors are often instructed to undertake boundary determination, level surveys, topographical surveys; coastal and river surveys; road surveys and measured surveys of buildings.

We can cater for small residential surveys up to large-scale commercial developments.  

Setting Out


At the construction stage of any project, the position of the work requires precision and thoroughness to ensure the structure is built in the correct position.


Using appropriate techniques and equipment of sufficient precision, our engineers can set out features, employing skill and quality for a variety of projects.

Dispute Resolution


We are regularly instructed to determine or confirm the position of boundary location. By comparing boundary positions indicated on the title deeds with on the ground features, we assist with the dispute resolution process. Our team ensure we provide a service of accuracy, efficiency and preciseness.

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