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An engineering undertaking a land survey.

Building and Land Surveys

Our surveying services

For many years, our consultants have provided a comprehensive range of surveys for residential and commercial properties. We offer the following: property purchase surveys; building surveys; structural surveys; condition surveys; land/topographical surveys; measured surveys; and party wall surveys.

Professional inspectors

Our team of consultants are also professional inspectors of buildings under construction for a variety of purposes, including statutory requirements indicating the frequency and scope of inspection and reporting format. 
A couple standing outside a house with a for sale sign talkng to someone about a Property Purchase Survey
A man standing outside a house holding a clipboard completing a Building Survey
A worker talking to a woman about the condition of the building

Property Purchase Surveys


Property Purchase Surveys and valuations go one step further than a standard condition report, advising on value and assessing the condition of a property internally and externally on behalf of the prospective purchaser. Areas inspected are: external structural elements; internal structural elements; general observations of electricity, gas and water; garage and outbuilding.

Building Surveys


Building Surveys provide an in-depth, room-by-room analysis of the condition of a building, but do not include advice on valuation. This survey will generally include: structure, fabrics, finishes and grounds of the property; proposed development/ alternation and drawings for planning building regulation applications. 

Schedules of Condition


Schedules of Condition record the condition of the building at that particular time and may be supported by photographs, sketches and drawings. They are usually prepared at the beginning of a lease or to a neighbouring property where work to a party wall is proposed.


A Schedule of Dilapidation identifies wants of repair, normally at the end of a lease of following these works. 

A man looking through a camera that is pointing at a man holding a pole and taking a Land Survey
A man standing by a camera on a building site looking at drawings

Land Surveys


Land/topographical surveys are high-quality topographical and measured surveys essential to design projects with accuracy and are fundamental to outline property boundaries. They establish the area and shape of natural or man-made features over a given location, usually for the purpose of producing a detailed map. We can cater for small residential surveys right through to large-scale commercial developments. 

Measured Surveys


Measured surveys, or dimensional surveys, involve the  detailed measurement of a building and/or its site in order to prepare accurate drawings on scale. The purpose for which the drawings are required, their scale, detail and acceptable tolerances need to be agreed beforehand. 

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