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Building collapsing whilst on fire.

Insurance Claims

Assessing your needs properly

In looking after our clients' interests, we have the necessary technical knowledge required to assess their needs properly and we are also able to provide legal experience in furthering their claims.

Loss assessing and negotiations

EAP Envoy Limited on behalf of the claimant offer loss assessing and negotiations of insurance claims for the perils of: fire; flood; impact; water damage; subsidence; heave; foundation failure; landslip and interruption to business. We also offer the assessment of damage and remediation scheme design, as well as negotiation in building and civil engineering disputes, litigation, compensation claims and expert witness service. 

Technical reports
Upon instruction from the Client, we take over the conduct of their negotiations with the Insurers. We prepare our own technical report on the damage, photographic records, designs and estimates for reinstatement work, (including planning requirements) and we advise and assist you throughout, to completion of the Claim.

Two insurance agents looking over claims

Full & Complete Repair

Our involvement ensures the claimant receives a full and complete repair. This will ensure a satisfactory conclusion and make sure that all repairs and reinstatement are accomplished by supervision of the work on behalf of the claimant. 

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