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Large instruments carrying out site investigations, digging down deep.

Site Investigations

What does this involve?

A site investigation will typically involve the drilling of boreholes across the site in order to retrieve soil samples from varying depth which will then be sent to a laboratory for chemical analysis. Our specialised and highly skilled team can employ a variety of methods, depending on your requirements. Once the results are received back, they are compared with general assessment criteria to ascertain whether remedial action is required and an interpretative report will be written up. 

Providing clear recommendations

Our team employ their knowledge and professional skills in order to give clear recommendation in relation to potential further action, working hard to ensure that our reports comply with the relevant standards, and to never keep you in the dark. 

A geotechnical engineer extracting a soil sample on a construction site
A digger in an open empty space about to start digging
Three geotechnical engineers working next to a digger on a construction site

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