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Property Purchase Survey

What is a Property Purchase Survey?

A Property Purchase Survey also known as a Home Buyers Survey, provides factual information on significant aspects of the condition of the property to the prospective purchaser. The Survey will be carried out under specific terms of engagement. For straightforward properties where the client requires no out-of-the-ordinary advice, the report will be in a standard format and under the relevant standard conditions of engagement.
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Should I have a Survey?


Property Purchase Surveys are an efficient way to avoid the unexpected repair costs which may occur further down the line. Getting a survey for a property will provide you with an idea of how much you may be required to invest in the property after you buy it and whether it is a sound investment.

How does it help?


These surveys help identify any structural problems or potential other issues. This could include problems such as subsidence or damp, as well as any other unwelcome issues. The Property Purchase Report does not look at minor areas of disrepair which do not materially affect the value of the property.

What's next?


If your survey does uncover some issues, our surveyor will be on hand to advise you of your next steps, ensuring a clear explanation so you have a complete understanding of the issue at hand and what the next steps may be. 

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