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Protect Your Property: Call EAP's 24/7 Emergency Support For Storm Damage

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Any storm/rain situation requires safeguarding your property from potential flooding, however, it is inevitable that some properties will be affected. Hopefully it will not be your property.

Should you be faced with a flood situation, EAP's 24 hour Emergency Support service is operational 365 days of the year. We endeavour to ensure a quick return to normality while you continue with your daily activities with as little disruption as possible.

EAP are authorised and regulated by the FCA for insurance claim handling, and with extensive experience can assist with negotiating claims with major insurance companies and their Loss Adjustors. Rest assured, we work towards achieving a fair settlement for you.

Residential property that is surrounded by flooding during a storn

At EAP, we are equipped with diverse skill sets to swiftly address any building related emergency, such as flood, fire or vehicle impact.

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