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The Bungalow - A Complete Redesign

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

EAP undertook a Structural Engineers assessment of the bungalow, prior to purchase. Despite some structural issues, the property was purchased. However, the client decided to demolish and completely redesign a new dwelling, rather than refurbish and extend.

EAP advised of the appropriate way forward and were subsequently instructed.

A design brief was obtained from the client, drawings prepared, and planning approval obtained. Once approval was granted, the bungalow was demolished, and the site cleared.

In view of the location, in close proximity to the Mersea Estuary, and the results of ground investigations, a piled foundation is required. Subsequently, drawings and calculations were prepared, and installation of the piles is imminent.

EAP are to oversee the foundation installation and the construction works as the project progresses.

We will keep you updated!


bungalow when it was purchased


proposed redesign drawings

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