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EAP Property Group aids in aftermath of Halstead Co-op ‘Ram-Raid’

EAP Property Group was approached by the management company for the Co-op Supermarket at Halstead following an overnight ‘Ram-Raid’ to the building resulting in a large impact and hole in the side of the property.

The management company needed a Structural Engineer on site as soon as possible to advise whether the structure was safe; to inspect the damage done and provide them with a report for the insurance claim.

Our Engineer spent several hours at the site inspecting the damage and arranging for the property to be shored up as a temporary remedy and in respect of public safety.

EAP are regularly called on to act in emergency situations like this where impact, flood, fire or heave/subsidence are affecting a business from operating or where there is a health and safety issue surrounding the damaged building.

With over 30 years’ experience EAP can provide impartial and detailed reports for Structural Inspections, Schedules of Condition and Schedules of Dilapidation.

For more details please contact t: 01206 768556 or email:

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