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Case Study : Impact Damage & Claim Handling

Updated: Dec 21, 2017

This case involved the rectification of the front of a property following impact damage from a car. As a result 2 Nº insurance claims were negotiated by EAP, 1 Nº for the building, and 1 Nº for contents.

Initially EAP were called to the site by the Police, and later instructed by the home owner to negotiate with insurers and ensure total rectification was carried out to match the standard of that which was destroyed.

Initially immediate propping was required to ensure that collapse of the front right corner did not occur once the vehicle was removed. Disconnection of the water and gas supply was also an urgent requirement.

Relocation of the family was required as damage was such that the kitchen, which received the full impact, and childs bedroom above, was not useable. Negotiation with Insurers of the property concluded that the most convenient, for the home owner, and cost effective alternative accommodation was a mobile home. This was subsequently organised by EAP and sited adjacent to the impact damaged property for the duration of the remedial work.

Specification of the required works was prepared by EAP, for re-building of the external brickwork and internal blockwork. Appropriate colour bricks had to be sourced to ensure a satisfactory match to the existing. Decoration of all wall surfaces damaged, a complete kitchen installed to a standard to match that which was damaged, complete with oven, extractor hood, sink, wall tiling, and floor covering.  All of which was agreed by insurers, and works undertaken and concluded to a satisfactory standard, with the supervision of EAP.

A separate claim for contents, carried out by EAP, involved the listing of all damaged contents, with photographic evidence, and the obtaining of appropriate costs for replacement. In view that certain items would be required for use in the mobile home, EAP negotiated with insurers for an emergency payment to enable immediate local purchase of such items. Normal practice is for insurers to arrange for items to be provided from their recommended supplier, however on this occasion intervention by EAP resulted in a more satisfactory resolution.

The client was satisfied with the overall outcome and claims settled in full.

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