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Why is my house cracking?

Is it subsidence?

When you first notice a crack in your house it is understandable for you to be concerned. You start asking yourself all sorts of questions;
Is the house safe?
Can it be repaired?
Am I insured?
What should I do?

This is not a time to panic.


Monitor the cracks, if you see that damage is increasing then it is time to seek professional advice.

Understanding the root cause of the problem and whether it is still active is essential. To arrange an inspection and obtain a factual report contact our friendly technical support team.


Colchester - 01206 768556

Cambridge - 01223 653065

Why choose EAP?

For over 30 years EAP have been investigating and advising on the cause of structural damage and design of the appropriate repairs.


Our FCA  regulation in the handling of insurance claims enables us to deal with insurers on your behalf, allowing you to carry on with your day to day activities

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