Structural Engineering

A broad range of engineering services

The talented team at EAP Property Services Group can provide a broad range of different engineering services for homeowners such as structural surveys, conversions and much more. Whether it's the design of a simple beam, or a multi-storey high value contract for industrial and commercial development, the project receives the same high level of service from professional, friendly staff. Our structural engineers work with a broad range of clientele in the public health sector, dental practices, commercial sector, private and residential sector, education, historic buildings and churches. 

Structural engineering

Structural engineering is the field of engineering dealing with the analysis and design of structures to support or resist loads. Structural engineers must ensure that their design satisfies the given design criteria, whilst making sure that the structural integrity does not affect the building function. In many cases, whether it be a new build, extension, removal of a wall, you are likely to require a structural engineer, and that's where we can help!


Our engineering consultants are able to work closely with architects or independently, to design your building's superstructure for its intended use. Be this a warehouse that requires a braced portal frame where floor space is of a premium, a school with reinforced brick panels and isolated steel framing with load bearing masonry, or a residential building of standard construction.

Building Failure Investigations


With our vast engineering experience, we are able to carry out building failure investigations. We can act on behalf of either the private clients or insurer to assess the site conditions, carry out testing of materials, take undisturbed samples for laboratory analysis and work out the reason and cause of failure. 

Once the reason and cause have been identified then we are able to prepare a special foundation design, whether this be an underpinning scheme, piled slab or raft. We will produce a design, drawings and calculations to support this for Local Authority.


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