Project Management

Proficient in providing a quality service


Our professional team has wide knowledge when it comes to Project Management. We use our extensive  expertise in order to bring your project to its completion, no matter how unique it may be. Using technology and resources that are cost effective, sustainable and efficient, EAP are proficient in providing a quality service and are ready to help bring your project to its full potential. 


Site Supervision


Considerable effort is exerted in ensuring that the design of a building will achieve your overall objective. Our regular site supervision whilst the work is being carried out will provide a step by step way of monitoring workmanship and materials, thus providing a building which is structurally accurate, pleasing in appearance, and in accordance with your wishes.

Interim Valuations


When the value of the contract is more than a few thousand pounds, it is normal practice for Contractors to be paid sums on account, as the construction work proceeds. In order to achieve this, we, acting as your own "quality controllers" under the contract, will carry out valuations in accordance with the provisions of the contract and certify any sum due.


Final Account


In order to calculate the final payment due to the Contractor under the contract it is usually necessary to produce a final account. In all but the smallest jobs, adjustments will have been made along the way. the responsibility for preparing the final account is great and is a task that requires both expertise and experience as there will often be some points of disagreement. Over the years, we have developed the skills required to negotiate effectively, on your behalf, the points of contention until eventually the whole is agreed.

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