• EAP Property Services

Topographical Surveys

At EAP Property Services Group, we provide state-of-the-art methods of topographic surveys for both major developments and smaller residential sites for our clients’ projects, design purposes and land planning for fast and accurate measurements.

Our objective is to prepare precise measurements with all existing features, contour plans to show elevations, variations, fix alignments and cross-sections for:

• Boundary Determination

• Setting Out

• Ground Surveys for Civil Engineering

The advisory nature of our business and the quality of our services in conjunction with our clients’ needs, guarantees bespoke solutions and integrated approaches to best-suite your projects.

Our Clientele

Contractors, Property Developers and Property Owners, Solicitors, Architects, Commercial Businesses, Hospitals, Medical/Dental Practices, Ambulance Stations, Malls, Offices, Schools, Gymnasiums, Factories, Warehouses, Industrial and Research Parks.

We are in Colchester and Cambridge.

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