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Removing an Internal Wall - EAP's Guide

Removing an internal wall either partially or fully is a great way to open up smaller rooms in a property and can dramatically change the feel, appearance and flow of your home. Allowing for a much larger and more open plan living space. Removing an internal wall can help you make your space more usable and a great alternative to an extension if you are looking to avoid a more costly and disruptive project.

However, before removing an internal wall it is always important to get the wall checked by a structural engineer and to determine it’s purpose within the property. Before removing a wall, you must ensure that the building will remain structurally sound and whether the wall you are proposing to remove is a supporting wall or a non-load bearing wall.

Removing an internal wall will never normally require planning permission. Unless the building is listed. However, if the wall is load bearing and additional support is required you will need structural calculations for the appropriate support and this will need to be submitted to Building Control prior to completing any building work.

At EAP our experienced team of structural engineers can complete a site visit and inspection, dimensional survey and prepare all the necessary calculations and sketches required for Building Regulation Approval.

Step 1 – We will complete a site visit and an inspection of the wall to determine whether the wall is load bearing or not and if any additional support is required.

(If the wall is found to be non load bearing we will advise you in a letter that it is safe to remove.)

Step 2- If the wall is load bearing a dimensional survey of the property will be completed. This consists of taking all the required measurements needed to complete the calculations.

Step 3 – Once these have been completed the Engineer will return to the office and complete a full set of calculations and any necessary sketches. These calculations will be completed in accordance with Building Regulations, and will be everything you need for submission to Building Control.

Once completed we supply every client with 3 No Sets of the calculations. 2 No sets which are required to be submitted for Building Regulation approval and 1 No set for your own retention or for your builder to work from.

In Some cases, a Party Wall agreement may be required. We will also be able to assist you in serving the Party Wall Agreements if these are required.

If you have a project in mind get in touch today!

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