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Planning Permission - Where do I start?

Planning permission

Your family is growing and you need more space, you’re now working from home more and need a home office, it’s time to add an en-suite onto your master bedroom so you don’t have to share your bathroom with your teenagers…

Whatever the reason for an extension or a conversion there are some important things to remember;

Be prepared

You may need to have Planning Permission and Building Regulations for your proposed project, ensure you know this beforehand so there are no nasty surprises along the way.

Think about your neighbours

Anything that encroaches on your neighbours property or land and has a negative impact on them will likely be refused, so plan carefully and take their privacy and space into consideration.

Be realistic with your expectations

Ensure your plans are in keeping with your neighbourhood, look at what other people have done and ensure your designs are in line with them. Anything radical or excessive in comparison is likely to receive objections.

Invest in professionals

Instructing a company that can undertake the measurements, calculations and produce appropriate quality designs then go onto liaise with the planning officers and get the planning applications through the local councils strict guidelines takes experience and professionalism, this does come at a cost and should be budgeted for accordingly. Investment in a suitable company will actually save money, time and effort in the long run and we would therefore advise this in all circumstances.

Get to grips with your plans

Before submitting your application, ensure you fully understand your architectural drawings, you need to ensure they suit your requirements and you are happy with the design. This will save you time and money in the long run because there won’t need to be revision to designs once you have been granted planning permission.

EAP work with you to help you design and create the perfect extension or conversion for your home. We handle everything from the building and land surveys, engineers report, structural calculations and architectural design right through to submission to council for planning applications, technical drawings and building control submissions. We can even organise quotes for the job and project manage the work from start to finish, the only thing we can’t do ourselves is the physical building work… but, we know lots of people who can.

We deal with every stage of the planning process, saving you time, money, hassle and unnecessary stress. Get in touch with EAP today to discuss your project in more detail, let us help you bring your vision into reality, extend your living space and help you create your perfect home. | 01206 768556

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