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No Topographical Survey? What's The Worst That Can Happen?

Not getting a topographical survey conducted on your development site can lead to various consequences, ranging from minor inconveniences to significant challenges – even stalling a job for a significant amount of time.

Minor issues may include boundary discrepancies that could result in the local authority rejecting your planning application. Not getting planning permission is a setback that can be addressed with adjustments and a new application. More serious consequences could arise from building structures too close to retaining walls, potentially causing structural collapse. Without the detailed information provided by topographical surveys, it’s difficult to determine safe distances for construction.

One of the concerning aspects of forgoing a land survey, is that many unforeseen issues may not be immediately apparent during the building process. These issues, such as hidden inclines or underground hazards, can surface months or even years after project completion, leading to additional costs and delays.

By neglecting a topographical study, you also risk missing out on developmental opportunities for your site. Without a thorough understanding of the land's features, you may limit your projects potential and overlook possibilities for design enhancements or utilisation of certain areas.

From identifying potential dangers to exploring development prospects, a topographical survey serves as a crucial foundation for your project. While small-scale designs may progress without a survey, maximising the success of your development and securing planning consent without setbacks often necessitates the insights of a topographic assessment.

If you are just starting out with a new project, EAP can assist you from the very beginning from assessing the feasibility of a project, carrying out land surveys, setting out to ensure your project stays on track, within the legal boundary to designing concepts, submitting for planning and building control regulations and project managing the construction.

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