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Home Buyers Report, yes or no? You shouldn’t be asking yourself this question!

Purchasing a home is for most people, a lifetime financial commitment and the most important investment you will make. If you think a Home Buyers Report is an optional expense because your Mortgage Valuation and an Estate Agents’ opinion is sufficient, you might miss the opportunity to identify previously unnoticed defects and faults, which may assist you when negotiating! On average, when purchasing a new home, buyers without Home Buyers Reports normally end up spending nearly £ 6.000 in repairs.

A Mortgage Valuation is a superficial survey mainly benefiting the lender and only uncovering obvious, visible defects, whereas a Home Buyers Report is an in-depth inside-out inspection for THE BUYERS’ benefit only. At EAP Property Services, our qualified surveyors take our Clients’ interests very seriously: our impartial assessments, will give you peace of mind and the information you need, before committing to a binding contract. For further information visit our website .We are in Colchester and Cambridge.

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