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Congratulations Dave! Harwich Winter Pool League Winner

Congratulations to our Architectural Designer, Dave, who racked up some wins at the Harwich Winter Pool League. Playing for the Trafalgar Pub A-Team (2023-2024) in the finals night held at the United Services in Dovercourt, Dave drew quite a “cue” of people to watch him "rack and roll".

The other side were left totally “cueless” as Dave’s strategic thinking, precise aim and skilful ball control helped him to outmanoeuvre his opposition. Dave’s precision is something that he prides himself on in his day job so we weren’t surprised to hear that he didn’t drop a frame, wining 3-0 in both his singles matches respectively.

Dave was presented with a trophy for his excellent win, we are sure he will be “framing” this picture too.


Well done Dave! 


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