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#2018 Armistice Centenary

At EAP Property Services Group we pride ourselves for the constant commitment and high quality services we provide to our valued customers. As a truly British company we support our Army and our veterans and bow to our soldiers for the fantastic work they do to protect our country and safety.

‘I suffer with combat related PTSD due to Army service. I decided to convert my garage in to a chill out room where I can relax. I approached the council for permission to convert and a council surveyor visited me as I asked for advice. This person was unsympathetic towards me and my condition. With that in mind I was advised to speak with EAP Property Services which I did. The team who I approached dealt with me professionally and compassionately planning and drawing first class easy to understand paperwork that I could show the council. Due to EAP Property Services I can now fulfil my aim of converting my garage into a lovely, safe living and chill out area. Their customer relations are first class and they are a wonderful friendly team. Tony Yarwood’

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