Designing and implementing foundation schemes to suit all types of construction projects

Our structural engineers are proficient in investigating soil types and site conditions and ensure that the correct foundation is adopted for your specific construction project.


Foundation design consists of a number of elements including: the layout, reinforcement detail, structural calculations, the bending schedule. The way in which this information is provided, is of crucial importance to the success of the project.  We are acutely aware that the drawings should be neat, and clearly relay the details required for the construction phase, if delay in the progress of the work is to be avoided.

Foundtion Design

Foundation types

  • Pad Foundations;

  • Conventional Strip and Trench Fill;

  • Reinforced Concrete Rafts;

  • Traditional Strip;

  • Auger and Driven Piles;

  • Reinforced Concrete Beam;

  • Concrete Suspended Slab;

  • Pile;

  • Underpinning.