Engineers Report

What is an engineers report?

EAP's experienced engineers provide an inspection and report on the structural adequacy/stability of any type of property. Should any area be identified which gives concern about any structural issues, recommendations are made for further investigation into the cause. Alternatively if remedial measures are considered necessary then advice is noted within the report.

Why do I need an engineers report?

There could be various reasons but typically it is to obtain an indication of a building's structural condition, often at a time when consideration is being given to the purchase of a building.

Areas Inspected

We inspect all of the relevant visible structural elements of the building. These typically include internal and external load bearing walls, roof structure, floors, beams and columns. Foundations are generally concealed, therefore if problems are suspected, recommendations will be made for intrusive investigations.

Types of Reports:

Specific Defect Report

In this report, the engineer looks at the specific problem that first causes concern to the surveyor, valuer, or home owner. The report is focused on getting an answer to the specific problem


Whole Building Report

This is for where there is concern as to whether the building is structurally sound. Here the engineer will look at all visible elements of the structure to assess whether it is performing properly.

Non-Standard Construction

We have inspected numerous system-built properties of non-traditional construction (including steel framed houses, precast framed houses, no-fines concrete houses and any other non-standard forms of construction). Where necessary, we carry out inspections in accordance with the relevant guidance from the Building Research Establishment (BRE).