Structural Engineering / Calculations

Structural Engineering

In many cases whether it be a new build, an extension to an existing property, or a removal of a wall, you are likely to require a Structural Engineer.

What does a Structural Engineer do?

A Structural Engineer ensures that buildings, bridges and machines are strong enough to withstand all kinds of stresses and strains. Often working alongside architects they create and maintain all kinds of structures from houses to skyscrapers and sports stadiums to offshore wind turbines.

They are the backbone to any construction project as it’s the Structural Engineer that calculates the resistance to loads for the property or area, the materials suitable to achieve the design and the overall design concept of the property including elements such as beams, columns, floors and foundations.

With offices based in Cambridge and Colchester, EAP’s expertise in structural engineering ensures a sound approach to all areas of structural design. Whether it’s the design of a simple beam or a multi-storey, high value contract for industrial and commercial development, it receives the same high level of service from professional, friendly staff.

Services we offer include:

  • Structural Engineers Reports
  • Design of buildings in steel, concrete, timber and masonry
  • Strengthening and modification of existing structures
  • Building failure investigation
  • Detailing and fabrication drawings
  • Calculations for beams
  • Foundation design



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