Party Wall Surveyor

The Party Wall Act 1996, covers three areas of construction, work to a party wall, building on the line of the junction between land in different ownership, and excavation within a distance of 3m or 6m of a building or structure of an adjoining owner.

Where a Building Owner wishes to carry out work that falls within one of the three areas it is necessary to serve notice on the Adjoining Owner and obtain consent. Works carried out where a Party Wall Award may be required include building a new wall, removing a chimney from a party wall or making changes to the original party wall i.e. taller or deeper.

If consent is not given it is deemed that a dispute has arisen, the Act then makes provision for a Surveyor(s) to be appointed to resolve the dispute by way of an Award.



Services we offer include;

  • Preparation and service of Notice
  • Party Wall Surveyor in accordance with Section 10 of the Act (resolve dispute)
  • Schedule of Condition
  • Determination of the Award.

Suggested Reading

For further information on the Party Wall Act click to download a free Government publication.