Damage Insurance Claims

At a time when you have suffered the affect of unexpected damage you can feel vunerable, not knowing how to proceed or who to contact. Your insurers are experienced in the handling of claims and will have professionals to advise them on the way forward.

Claimsforce, based in Colchester and Cambridge, provides the support and guidance that you, the claimant, can rely upon at such times. A team of surveyors, Engineers, and Loss Adjusters will ensure your interests are looked after throughout.

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Services we offer

On behalf of the Claimant loss assessing and negotiations of Insurance claims for the perils of Fire, Flood, Impact, Water Damage, Subsidence, Heave, Land Slip, Theft and Interruption to Business.

We understand the need to manage the expectations and provide the service and care expected by the Claimant.

Our ability to deliver is best illustrated by the proactive way that our claim handlers based in Colchester and Cambridge,  follow-up and progress the claim with the aim to get the policyholder back to their position prior to the occurrence of the insured peril as soon as possible, and fully compensated.

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