Property Purchase and Building Surveys

EAP’s team of experienced surveyors located in Colchester and Cambridge has for many years provided a range of services, the most common of which are outlined below.

Property Purchase Surveys

Buying a home is a major investment, therefore ensuring that the property is sound, becomes high on the agenda of a prospective purchaser. A Property Purchase Survey will advise on significant aspects of the condition of the property to a perspective purchaser. Minor items of disrepair which do not materially affect the value will not normally be reported.

Building Survey (Structural Survey)

A Building Survey is an investigation and assessment of the construction and condition of a building and will not normally include advice on valuation. The survey will generally include the structure, fabric, finishes and grounds; the exposure and testing of the services are not normally covered. This type of survey is appropriate for large, older or non-standard buildings and can also be adopted in the purchase or lease of a commercial building.

Schedules of Condition & Dilapidation

A Schedule of Condition will record condition of the building at that particular time and may be supported by photographs. It is usually prepared at the beginning of a lease as opposed to a Schedule of Dilapidation which will identify wants of repair normally at the the end of a lease. EAP Property Services Ltd have many years of experience in preparing schedules for commercial, industrial and residential property.

Land Surveys

EAP’s land surveyors located in Colchester and Cambridge undertake high quality topographical and measured surveys for Architects, Developers, Solicitors and those requiring information of specific topographical features. In addition to recording existing detail we also provide a setting out service for builders and developers, throughout Essex, Cambridge, Norfolk, Suffolk, Kent and London.


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