EAP Envoy

EAP Envoy will fight in the corner of the claimant working with utmost speed to obtain a full & complete resolution to all claims.

Every month numerous people are disappointed after an insurance claim, which they regard as valid, is rejected or only partly paid. The frustrated claimant’s do not have to just accept the deal offered by their insurance company.

EAP Envoy will prepare the claim and make sure it is presented correctly and resolutely pursued. A detailed knowledge of insurance policies and law place us in a strong position to put forward a case. You do not have to be disappointed with what insurers offer before you contact us. Contact can be made before a claim is submitted, in fact this can be a prudent way forward.

Operating throughout the UK, our experienced team provide a professional service to both the home and business sectors. Ensuring the fair treatment of the claimant is our underlying priority.

EAP Envoy are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority for the handling of insurance claims.



An insurance claim for rectification of structural damage to a building resulting from ground movement is a complex matter. Notwithstanding the formulation of the claim, there is the need to accurately identify the cause of the damage, followed by the specification for an appropriate scope of repair.

At EAP Envoy we have claims consultants who prepare and resolutely negotiate the claim, together with technical personnel that have many years experience in investigating and formulating repairs for structurally damaged buildings and regularly provide expert testimony for litigation.

Technical services provided by EAP Envoy’s staff encompass:

  • Monitoring
  • Geotechnical investigations
  • Remedial scheme design

The combination of which negates the need to source external consultants thereby assisting towards a speedier conclusion of the claim.

The combination of our expertise ensures a full and appropriate repair and also that the work is being carried out properly. Engaging EAP Envoy will ensure the best interest of the Claimant is looked after whilst at the same time allowing the Claimant free to go about day to day activities.


Flood and Escape of Water

Knowing where to start after the devastating effects of the invasive action of water can, at the very least, be a challenging affair.

There is the initial cleaning-up followed by the need to initiate a controlled drying out of the building, then there is the compilation of a detailed inventory and valuation of the building’s contents, together with a professionally prepared schedule of repairs for the building, competitive estimates from builders have to be obtained and this is only the start. There is still the negotiations with the insurance company to endure, most likely alternative accommodation to find and at the same time you will be trying to get on with your life.

At EAP Envoy we have many years experience in dealing with such incidents. Our disaster recovery team provides a rapid response to the initial clean-up and initiates the drying out process. Our directly employed surveyors and structural engineers prepare the buildings repair scheme, whilst our trained team of claims consultants notify and resolutely negotiate with the insurance company. This composite approach brings about a speedy re-occupation of the building, reduces the interruption to businesses and leaves the claimant free to go about their day to day activities.


Damage by fire is especially destructive and in the main very apparent. However, there is often damage which is not so obvious. During a fire there will be products of combustion which will pollute and contaminate. A common example of such damage is where PVC affected by fire, releases toxic fumes which condense to form hydrochloride acid. This unseen peril, if not dealt with immediately goes on to attack exposed metal and electronic circuit boards which becomes apparent at some later time.

Immediately after the occurrence of a fire the property owner may not be of a state of mind or have the expertise to identify the full extent of damage. As a result the early appointment of professional assistance is essential if the correct response to the damage is to be implemented, the full extent of the claim identified and the claim resolutely negotiated.

At EAP Envoy our professional surveyors, structural engineers, claims consultants and rapid response recovery team will provide complete assistance, at a time when it is so essential to have help that can be relied upon.