Building & Architectural Design Services

Building design refers to the broadly based architectural, engineering and technical applications to the design of buildings. All building projects require the services of a building designer, typically a licensed architect or structural engineer’.

Upon instructing EAP for your building design we will discuss with you your ideas and what you want to achieve, we will also discuss your budget available to fund the development. Our team are always happy to attend the site you wish to develop to take necessary instruction from you thus creating your design brief. At this stage our Architect(s) will then put your plans to paper ensuring that measurements and the information given are accurately drawn and processed.

No building can be designed or built without drawings, which should be neat and perfectly clear. They should relay all the information provided; at EAP we are mindful that they should avoid irrelevancies and unnecessary duplication.

A building consists of many elements; the structural frame, the walls, the partitions, the roof, heating, lighting and so on. The sequence in which drawings are prepared, and their accuracy is of crucial importance to the success of any project. We are acutely aware that if the proper sequence is not followed, this can lead to badly detailed building work, a long list of extra’s and a dissatisfied client.

You will be sent the sketch scheme of your design brief where you will have the opportunity to discuss the plans and make any alterations if necessary. Your sketch scheme consists of –

  • A set of easily understandable sketch drawings
  • An explanation of the drawings and their relationship to the design brief
  • A description of materials and methods of construction
  • A description of services
  • Details of site work
  • A note of the consents, which are required
  • Approximate estimate of cost including professional fees

With offices in Cambridge and Colchester, EAP are there to make your property dreams become a reality.